Laura’s story – from starvation to safety

***Update: Laura has finally found her happiness. She went on the adoption bus in February 2015 to her forever family in the Netherlands. We are so incredibly happy for her.***

Meet Laura – she is a very special dog.  She beat death, surviving in terrible circumstances before we brought her to the shelter in 2011.  She is such an affectionate girl, yet she is still waiting to find her forever home. Here is her story. Laura is a Karakachan/Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog) cross born in 2008. When we first became aware of her, Laura was living with a family who owned a local shop near to our house.  They had kept Laura chained up from when she was a puppy as a guard dog behind their shop where she saw no other dogs or people. Once, when Laura escaped her chain, she ran up the hill near our house.  We saw her owner kicking her as he dragged her back down to the shop.  Then, when he went away to work, no one else took care of her and she was lucky if someone remembered to throw a piece of bread to her.  Eventually, one of the family members felt sorry for her and asked us if we could take her in.

Laura when she was rescued

Laura when she was rescued

Laura came to us in January 2011.  She had been very badly abused and was extremely thin and weak.  We could see every rib and believe that she would have not been able to survive much longer. After a period of adjusting to her new surroundings, receiving the medical attention she needed and eating well, Laura soon started playing well with the other dogs. When she first arrived at the shelter she went through a stage of kennel guarding with people that she did not know, but there was never any problem when she met people outside her pen and she has not exhibited this behaviour for years. A couple of months ago, we noticed a wart-like growth on Laura’s back.  Within a couple of weeks, it had turned into a lump the size of a tennis ball so she had an operation to remove it.  Although the lab results showed the growth to be malignant, the great news is that the vets are confident that they removed all of it and that it was a one-off incident.

Now, despite her past, Laura is a very loving girl who just wants to be cared for.  As you can see from the photos, she loves a fuss and enjoys walks.

She is a beautiful girl and has been waiting years for her forever home.

Diane Rowles. RSDR Founder

We are still hopeful that there is a special person or family out there who will want to take care of Laura.  She has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated so she is ready for immediate adoption. If you can help Laura, or you know someone who can, please email us at  We arrange for our dogs to be adopted in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Here are some more photos to show you what a truly beautiful girl Laura is.


  1. Beautiful girl! Deserves a loving, forever home!

    1. Yes, she does, Dion. We’re keeping fingers, toes and paws crossed for her.

  2. What a beautiful dog 🙂

  3. Annica Eriksson · · Reply

    A lovely dog, I´ve shared this on FB.
    Hope she´ll come to a forever loving home.
    Bless u for all the fantastic work u do ❤

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you.

  4. streetdogrescue, What an informative post, thanks! James Sullivan

  5. Hey, I see you have a twitter account, do you tweet any of your new blog posts?

    1. Yes, we do, but we haven’t written any recently. Look out for one over the next few days though…

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