Could you love one of our wonderful older dogs?

Many of our gorgeous puppies will be leaving us this week, off to their new homes and exciting new lives. However, there are still so many older dogs who remain at the shelter, waiting for their forever homes and the happiness they deserve.

Could you love one of our ‘long stay’ dogs and become their forever family? Here are details of a few of these beautiful dogs:

Jigger had a very bad start in life, we rescued him from a factory with his siblings and his mother who had a broken leg and had been shot.

We didn’t know if all the pups would survive but with a lot of care they all grew stronger and are now joyful, healthy dogs. Jigger is a very happy and friendly boy who just loves attention.

On the 28th July 2011 we found a mother dog and her tiny pups dumped in the middle of a busy road. Casey was  one of the pups.

Casey has always loved people and gets on well with other dogs, and it is time he had a family of his own. The only thing that does sometimes upset him is when dogs become over exuberant about sniffing him, and a couple of times he has given them a warning grumble.

Puddin has been with us since October 2011, when she was left outside the shelter in a box as a tiny pup. She has always been very loving with people and great with other dogs.

Having been at the shelter for so long, it will be a big change for her to leave us. Her new family would have to appreciate that she might take time to settle, and may need extra love and support at first.

Shyanne is a very loving girl, good with children and other dogs. She has a very stable temperament (quite similar to a good-natured German Shepherd), and is great at teaching the younger dogs how to behave. She will put them in their place without any excessive aggression.

She is friendly with people, but instinctively knows when something or someone isn’t right and will warn them.

On the 10 September 2011 Arnold was dumped in Rudozem. He followed Kerry into the post office one day, and then he started following her whenever he saw her – even living outside her apartment barking to get attention. This didn’t go down very well with neighbours, and we were concerned that someone would shoot him, so we brought him to the shelter where he would be safe.

Arnold, born around 2008,  has got used to other people and to mixing with other dogs. He is now a confident boy and loves a fuss.

If you can offer one of our wonderful older dogs a forever home and give them the happiness they so deserve, or if you would like to just find out more, please visit our website. Thank you!




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