Some of our most challenging rescues

A lot of the time unwanted dogs and cats are brought to us, and sometimes we see distressed animals in need of our care as we go about our daily life. But a few of our rescues have been a little more tricky…


Django’s Story

Back in 2013 we were contacted by a few people about some pups near the hospital in Smolian. At the time we had no room for them, but we started working on freeing up some space so that we could take them in. We were also concerned that we had just lost some pups to an infection, and didn’t want to put any new pups at risk. However, people told us they felt the pups were in a very dangeous place, and that one had been hit by a car, so we knew we had to act straight away.

When we arrived the seven pups were out of their hiding place, but we only managed to catch one before they disappeard down a hole into an underground tunnel. The place was a mass of drains and underground pipes and tunnels, which made it very dangeous.

RSDR_Djangoblog2Unfortunately the other pups wouldn’t come out, so Tony had to climb through the narrow entrance hole into a very cramped underground tunnel which had metal rods sticking out of it. Tony then passed the pups out, although this was made more difficult by the fact the pups were so scared they were trying to bite. We managed to get all the pups safely back to the Shelter.

Django was one of those pups, and he is still with us. If you think you could offer him the loving home he deserves please visit our web site.


RSDR_CalebCaleb’s Story

Last year we were asked to help a dog that was stuck next to the river in Smolian. It looked like the dog had fallen or jumped off a wall, and was too scared to cross the river to safety.

However the dog was a Karakachan-cross male, and although the lads went to try and help him he growled and tried to bite if anyone got too close.

RSDR_caleb2The dog was very thin with many cuts and a matted coat. He had been stuck there for at least three or four weeks, and we were concerned he would die if he didn’t get away from the riverbank soon. The river was also flowing quite fast and if there was more rain we were worried he could be swept away.

So we went back the next day with a cage and eventually caught him by coaxing him into it with food. The lads were then able to carry the cage across the river. Once he was away from the river he wasn’t as scared, and back at the Shelter he allowed people to stroke him.

RSDR_Caleb3Caleb is still looking for his forever home. As he is part Karakachan he will need to go to an experienced owner of larger breeds who has read up about Karakachans.

If you feel you could offer this beautiful dog what he needs please go to our Web site.




Sadie’s Story

Sadie was born around September 2009. She was a young dog when we first spotted her in early 2010. She was living in the forest, and would only venture out to look for scraps. At the first sign of anyone, she would run back to the forest, so for months we were unable to feed her.

After many months, she would eat the food we put down if we backed away. Every time we saw Sadie she was looking thinner and weaker, but if we tried to get close to her she would growl. Often we wouldn’t be able to find her for days or even weeks, and after seeing how weak she was, we were worried that she had died.

RSDR_SadieOne night in June 2010, we went out looking for her and found her half collapsed behind a bin. It was as if she had made up her mind that she needed help. She staggered over and put her head on Diane’s knee, and just let out a tiny whimper when we lifted her up and put her in the van. Sadie grew to trust us and is now a strong healthy girl who is very loyal and protective.

If you could offer this gorgeous girl the loving home she so deserves please visit our web site.

No doubt there will be some fresh challenges to come!


  1. I was reading some news and came across Khaleesi’s rescue. I want to say you are all angels and my God bless and keep you always. The life you live is truly amazing, thank God for beautiful people like you all. May you always shine your light in this sometimes incredibly dark world. Jamie

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Jamie 😃

  2. Bhavna · · Reply

    Really this world need people like you. You are doing a very kind and noble work. Lots of love and good wishes for all you angles. And also lots and lots of love to all sweet rescued cuties…

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