Silka is very sick – can you help her please?

Rylee 5My name is Silka – I’m nearly a year old now and in my short life I have already known more bad times than good. Now I am going through more tough times and I really need your help.

On 22 October 2015, someone from the municipality turned up at the RSDR shelter, asking if they would take me and my brothers and sisters. We were only a few weeks old and didn’t have our mother with us. The shelter had no room, but the next day, the person took us there again, and left us there, saying we would all be killed if the folks at RSDR couldn’t take us in. Fortunately, they were able to make room for us.

In May 2016, I was taken to the UK on the adoption bus to a new forever family, but unfortunately things didn’t work out, and in July I was driven to a lovely foster home, where I’ve stayed every since.

Sadly, I have struggled with all the changes in my life, and found everything very stressful. My foster family and their dogs have been very welcoming and friendly towards me, and worked hard to ease all my worries.

SilkaI was just starting to settle in when I became ill (19 August). I had to be taken to the vets because I had stopped eating and was very listless. The vet said my temperature was really high (40.1) and they gave me some medicine to make me feel better. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I had to go to the vets again the following day (20 August). My temperature was even higher (40.9) and the vet said I needed to be admitted as I was very poorly indeed.

I spent the day in there, on a drip, and the vet nurses fed me some chicken, which tasted lovely.

I was lucky enough to be able to go back home with my foster family, later that day, with more medicine, and told to go back for a checkup a couple of days later. I was being treated for steroid responsive meningitis. I don’t know what that is, but they told my foster mummy it’s quite serious, and there is a chance I could relapse.

Silka 2We went back to the vets on Monday 22 August and they took some of my blood to test for other things that a dog from overseas might be prone to. While my foster mum waited for the results, she kept me nice and quiet at home, gave me more medicine and made sure I was eating again everyday. The medicine makes me want to eat lots and lots of food!

I went back again for a checkup last week (25 August) and the vet said my temperature was still normal, thanks to all the medicine, but the blood test results haven’t come back yet, as some of them have to be sent to different countries.

We visited the vet again this week (30 August) and fortunately they said my blood tests were all clear. My foster mum is worried though because I have lost weight over the last few days (2.5kg) so I now have to do a wee for her tomorrow morning so she can take it to the vet to be tested.  In the meantime, I am having to eat 6 boiled eggs a day to have more protein and calories in my diet. My foster mum is now walking around with a clothes peg on her nose!!

Silka 1I have to go back to the vet again on Friday to see if I have put any weight on and if I haven’t, I will need more tests to see what else is happening to me.  I haven’t been able to go out for a walk since I’ve been ill as I could easily catch bugs, but the vet said she will let my foster mum know when I can start to go out again.

What’s really upsetting is that I can’t go to a forever home until I am completely better because the stress could make me very poorly again.

The lovely folks at RSDR and my foster family really need your help to pay for my vet bills so could you please donate?  Even a small amount will make all the difference.

Please just click on my photo below to be directed to my fundraiser on – thank you so much for helping me.

UPDATE (8 September 2016): thank you so much to everyone who has donated for Silka. We have now reached our target!! 

Silka is also much, much better. She is in a new foster home where she is continuing her recovery and starting to love life again. 

If you would still like to donate to the fundraiser, we will use excess donations for her ongoing care. We are so grateful for your support.


  1. marge menefee · · Reply

    Is there any way to just send you a check? I can’t figure out how to do it in euros. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Marge. You can send us a bank transfer. Details are on this page of our website Just scroll down to find details – thanks so much!

  2. God’s blessings to all those who help the needy, give of themselves to eliminate the suffering of others. I’m delighted to know of your, reading Duke’s story makes me feel I already know you. I’ve been told a charming little tale about a German vet that flies out to Malta for the day, a little Island in the Mediterranean, each month to neuter stray cats or any cat presented to him as an act of generosity. Apparently, stray cats look healthy and clean as those that are owned, with food and water placed out daily.

  3. I don’t think there is any place like yours, here, in the USA. There should be! I wish there were people like you all over this world! You bring tears of joy to my eyes. May God bless you and all the animals that need you!

  4. jennifer palmer · · Reply

    would like to donate but don’t have a pay pal account

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer. Please have a look at our donation page here:

      We appreciate any donation, no matter how small☺

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