Some of our recent rescues

As always, after we wave goodbye to the dogs and cats setting off for their new lives in their forever homes, it doesn’t take long before more animals need our help. Here are some of our recent additions:

Leo Bear


Leo Bear

It was Liam who spotted Leo Bear searching for food. He was obviously in desperate need, and we knew that despite the shelter being full we had to take him in as he wouldn’t survive much longer on the streets. He looked in pain – his back legs had some kind of deformity.  He had sores all over his body and hair loss on his ears – plus he had no road sense, and was wandering in front of oncoming traffic. Leo Bear was extremely underweight and malnourished, with a bad flea infestation.

We tried to make friends by feeding him, and after a couple of hours managed to get a lead on him. We had volunteer Leanne Walsh with us at the time, and at one point Leo Bear just sunk his head into her lap.

rsdr_leo_bear3Tony and Diane made a safe place for him at the house, treated him for fleas and worms, and he began eating and drinking well.

Once some time has passed and he is stronger he will go to the vets to assess the condition of his back legs. Right now he is happy, enjoying cuddles and food, taking himself for mooches round the garden.





Near the shelter we feed at least 5 feral cats at the bins. On one of our visits we found someone had dumped a mother cat and her two kittens.

They were coming under attack from the feral cats – one kitten was already dead, and the mother was fighting off the feral cats, trying to protect herself and her other kitten. The mother was only a baby herself. We buried the kitten that died, and put the mother and her baby in the car.



Both cats are very friendly, we can tell they are used to human contact. They are now doing well at the shelter, flea treated, wormed and fed.

The mother is called Judy and her kitten is Teardrop.






A lady came to the shelter and asked if we could take this little one in. How could the lads refuse!




We were asked to take in Peanut, and were shown an old scar on his back leg. He obviously had problems with his legs, but we were not sure if they were broken or not. First chance we got we took him to the vets, and after x-rays it became clear both back legs had been broken just below the hips and where the scar is. The vet told us he must have been just four weeks old when the damage was done, so the poor little thing has had broken back legs for three months.

Despite all this Peanut is such a happy, playful, loving kitten. He has become best friends with another of our kittens, Vincent.


To find out more about all the dogs and cats in our care looking for their forever homes, please visit our web site:


  1. Oh my, if Shakira still needs a sponsor and we don’t have a new sponsor dog yet after Hugsy found his forever home, please put us down for her! What a darling! Tina

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for your continued support x

  2. Thank you! Thanks for all the good work you do!

  3. Colin Clark · · Reply

    just donated, please use as you see fit. when it comes to making animals happy, simple is better, and human love for them is the nourishment they most need. feel free to contact me with more of your needs. I wish we could help more, but in the future we can send more. I wish I wasn’t so far away so I could visit, and lend a hand.

    Please send me anything electronically (photos and stories) so I know what is happening, it could become a long time relationship between my wallet and you formerly lost souls,

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