Devastating news: the RSDR shelter may be forced to close!

We received the devastating news on Monday that, with immediate effect, RSDR is no longer permitted by the Bulgarian authorities to transport our cats and dogs out of Bulgaria to new homes in the UK and the Netherlands. 

Now more than ever we need your help.

This terrible turn of events has left us feeling stunned and desperate. The adoption bus was delayed by snow last week and was due to pick up 30 cats and dogs on Friday. Now 30 loving families are waiting in the UK and the Netherlands to give these street cats and dogs a happy ending, but have no idea when they will be able to welcome them home. The future for them and for us is uncertain.

But we are not giving up…

We have been doing everything we can to find out how to save the shelter. We have been told that if we upgrade the shelter and gain registered shelter status, this ban may be lifted.

To carry out these works, we need to raise €25,000. 

This is a huge amount and we need your help. We have set up a YouCaring fundraiser where you can make a donation. Any amount will help – no amount is too small.

Please help us to raise the money to save our shelter so that we can continue to rescue abused, starving and sick street cats and dogs.

Please donate here to save our shelter


  1. […] Source: Devastating news: the RSDR shelter may be forced to close! […]

  2. I cannot understand why the Belgian authorities have stopped you transporting the animals overseas as it is helping to home unwanted cats and dogs ,you are helping them not hindering them ,what explanation did they give you? are the Belgian people animal friendly?what will happen to the animals if you are forced to close?won’t the people protest against this?.

    1. Helen Burrows · · Reply

      Bulgarian, not Belgian, ishkabibbul.

    2. Have a look at the fundraiser page. All I explained – it’s a long story…

  3. What reason have they given you ?? This is terrible news , poor animals 😣

    1. All is explained in the YouGiving fundraiser. It’s a long story…

  4. Judith Smith · · Reply

    Thought free trade was a requirement of the EU, we are STILL in it for now so isn’t this enforceable now????

    1. Free trade maybe, but not movement of animals sadly. All to do with disease control which is a good thing but our animals are all transported under the highly regulated TRACES system

  5. Sounds like extortion by the government to me.

  6. Barbara calver · · Reply

    The Bulgarian government needs to educate their people regarding animal welfare. All animals have the right to a decent life, lived free from pain and fear. When they realise this and implement procedures to protect innocent, vulnerable creatures then other countries won’t have to step in to do their job for them!

  7. desmond young · · Reply

    If a donation is made by money order, can you give the mailing address please? Maybe we can even pay a visit next time we are in Europe.

    1. Hi Desmond- we don’t publicise the shelter address because we are already struggling with the number of animals that are dumped with us. Please email us at and we will be happy to let you know. Thank you so much for caring 😁

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