Puppies in desperate need of our help

While we continue to work towards our registration as a Shelter, the adoption trips have to remain on hold, and we have no room for new dogs, cats or litters of puppies. However last week some pups came to us, and we just couldn’t turn them away.


Pups dumped in sacks at our gates

On 21 February a man asked us to take some puppies. We explained there was absolutely no room and the reason why, but the man came back with the pups and dumped the three of them at our gates, tied inside sacks.


Scared and hiding

The pups inside the sacks were so scared. One of them was screaming, so Tysan opened the sack and tried to calm the pup, but it bit him out of fear, and ran away. The other two were terrified, and hid from us, so we left them in the container overnight to calm down.

The next morning the two pups were a little calmer, but still afraid. They gradually became more settled, and allowed us to pick them up and stroke them. We also managed to catch the third pup, and reunited him with his siblings once he had calmed down.


The siblings reunited


8 pups found by the bin men

We also had 8 pups brought to us by some bin men who had found them dumped in a box. Of course, we didn’t have any room or any free pens, but it wasn’t the bin mens’ fault, or that of the little pups. They had no-one else to look out for them, and it was heartbreaking to think what might happen if we didn’t take them.

We had to do a lot of moving about at the shelter to free up a pen at the house so these little ones had somewhere to go.

It doesn’t end there! Over the last few weeks we have rescued emaciated and frightened pups that have been dumped at the side of busy roads, or abandoned in the freezing snow. Tony also spotted a pup inching closer to him while he was at the petrol station late one night, when it was -9 and bitterly cold. The puppy was absolutely terrified, but somehow found the courage to walk up to Tony. He was skeleton thin under his hair, and in need of care and protection.

How could we turn these babies away? But it is becoming so difficult without being able to free up any space through rehoming. So our work towards becoming a registered Shelter continues as fast as we can.

Please help us to help them, and donate if you can to our #saveourshelter fund at http://www.youcaring.com/saveourshelter

Thank you so much.

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