What’s been happening at the Shelter this week?


Tony headed off to pick up the lads for work as usual, but saw Yanko running in and out of the traffic. Yanko had spotted a little pup running about a busy road. They managed to corner her, and picked her up. There was a bit of screaming, but she soon settled once Yanko wrapped her up in Tony’s jumper.

They arrived back at the Shelter and decided she was too small to go in any of the pens with the other pups, so they took her to the house where she settled in the living room. Diane named her Poppet, and she has recently started socialising with the pups rescued by the binmen.

A forest pup followed Tony to the Shelter this week. We cannot take him inside the Shelter because there is no room, but at least we know he is fed and close by. His mum rsdr_forestpuphas also been coming for food  and wagging her tail. She was tied up behind a house as an older pup by a family and left to die. Luckily she managed to chew through the leather strap and escape. Needless to say she is terrified of humans, and we cannot get close enough to remove the strap. We cannot leave a trap out because it will get stolen.

We have also put out a couple of urgent appeals this week.

rsdr_sponsors_020417One was for sponsors for over 60 of our dogs and cats who don’t have help with their care costs. The sponsor program is a monthly subscription where you choose which animal’s photo you wish to receive each month. All funds from the sponsor program go towards the feeding costs of all of our animals at the Shelter, and the animals that we feed on the streets. Half sponsorship is €10 a month and full sponsorship is €20 a month. If you can help at all please visit http://www.streetdogrescue.com/sponsor

rsdr_kula_020417 The other appeal was to find a  forever home for lovely Kula, who has been in a foster home for over a year now. Kula was found in August 2013, the boys were on their way to work when they spotted 3 young pups at the side of the road. They were taken back to the Shelter, where they grew into healthy, happy dogs.

Kula waited very patiently for his forever home, and in February 2016 he was lucky enough to be selected to travel to a UK foster home. Having been at the Shelter most of his life, it has taken him time to adjust to living in a home environment; getting used to traffic, new people, noises and smells. But he has coped ever so well, and is ready to find a family of his own. He is a happy and affectionate boy – he greets you in the morning with a wagging tail and a big hug, and loves nothing more than snuggling up to you on the sofa at every available opportunity. He loves to play; he chases his toys and then cheekily runs away with them so you have to chase after him. He has a good nose and really enjoys scent games and finding hidden treats. He needs a quiet home without children, and with someone experienced. If you could offer the home this lovely boy needs and deserves please visit http://www.streetdogrescue.com/dogs.htm.

Thank you from everyone at RSDR.




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