What’s been happening at the Shelter this week?


Anton with Albert, Alice & Piper

Our recent rescues are continuing to settle and doing well.

Instead of hiding, Albert now comes to see who’s playing out. Today he met Alice and Piper who are best friends – even in a group these two are always together. They all got on brilliantly.

rsdr_georgia2Little Georgia is doing just great, gaining confidence every day and enjoying lots of one on one attention. She loved it down by the river.


Smokey loves Diane’s lap

We took Smokey to the Pro Vet Clinic, he had blood tests and his wound checked. The vet said it would be very difficult to stitch. Apart from the wound he also had a bad infection, and it was decided to bring him back to the house for Diane to care for him.

Smokey trusts Diane, and does not mind her giving him his meds and cleaning the wound.

Diane makes her own wound cream and even the vets say it is fantastic stuff – the vet told Liam that ‘Smokey is better off being looked after by your mum and her cream’. Smokey has decided he wants to be Diane’s lap cat.


Smokey, Olaf & Chia

Smokey’s wound is continuing to heal nicely, and he has made friends with Olaf and Chia. Instead of hiding he now seeks out company. He still likes to sleep under the sink though because that is where he feels nice and safe.

rsdr_balkanWho remembers Balkan? We thought you would like to see just how happy and healthy he is at the Shelter now. He has been with us for two years since being rescued from a life tied up in a yard on a very short chain.

We can only continue our work with your help. If you would like to make a donation to the #saveourshelter Fundraiser you can donate at: www.youcaring.com/saveourshelter
Thank you so much from everyone at RSDR.

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