23 April 17 – What’s been happening at the Shelter this week?


Lilybelle safe in the car

We got another new addition at the Shelter – this very sweet little girl has been named Lilybelle. Outside a shop where the lads get coffee they noticed a young female dog with two male dogs fighting over her because she was in season (which is probably why she ended up on the streets).

Liam opened the car door and although she was exhausted she jumped in. Inside she greeted the lads like she had known them all her life. Liam said they could not leave her on the streets, so until we can make room for her she is in the garden part of the Shelter.

We got asked if we could help a street dog who had given birth under stairs in a garden. The old man is feeding her and understands our situation, so he said there is no rush and she isn’t doing any harm there. He said he would let us know if there were any problems, but for now the mum and pups are safe. We have been checking on them and the mum is scared so we are taking things slowly with her. Today we noticed she was covered in fleas and parasites so treated her for both.

Seven new dogs turned up in the centre of town overnight. We do not know if they have been dumped or have come out of the forest. When we tried to approach them they walked away. It was like going back ten years when the town centre was full of dogs.


We always love getting photos of the dogs and cats who once lived on the streets in Bulgaria now in their forever homes. We got some cracking ones over Easter.

Here is a lovely one of Duke relaxing!

Great news! We have received the vehicle approval for transporting live animals in Bulgaria. We collected the vehicle registration from Smolian on Wednesday. We had an appointment with the ministry vet on Thursday, and on Friday went to Smolian to speak to officials. When we got to the Smolian office we were told to go to another area to collect some forms. We were told the forms needed to be filled out and brought back to the office on Monday with some other required documents. Hopefully on Monday we will know more about what the next steps will be, and an idea of when the inspection date at the Shelter will be.

Other news, there was another meeting with the builder on Tuesday. The builder did not realise he had to include costings for the upstairs of the Shelter. Upstairs needs to be divided into three sections, so there is an office, sleeping area for staff/volunteers and a room for medical supplies. The builder is going to work out costings for dividing these areas and we will add it to the youcaring total figure. Building renovations in these areas will be started next Monday.


Liam and Big Dog greeting Yana

We had a NovaTV news crew out to interview us last week. The interview was shown on Tuesday morning’s breakfast TV programme. It was great to meet the reporter Yana and her team. Yana made everyone feel relaxed and it was lovely chatting to her.


Yana with Khaleesi


You can watch the interview at: https://www.vbox7.com/play:68533399b9
We can only continue our work with your help. If you would like to make a donation to the #saveourshelter Fundraiser you can donate at: www.youcaring.com/saveourshelter

Thank you so much from everyone at RSDR.

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