7 May 2017 – What’s been happening at the Shelter this week?

This week we have spent a lot of time going back and forth to the municipality to get the plans for the Shelter building signed by the right people. We finally got the last signature needed and the plans were finalised and ready on Thursday 4 May 2017. This was the last item we needed for the Ministry of Environment and Water in Smolian. We then went straight away to the Smolian office on Thursday and submitted all the information and it was sent off to the office in Sofia for review.

We have been advised it will take about 15 days to review, but this is not a definite timeframe and they cannot promise this. Now it’s just a waiting game. Once all the information has been reviewed and then approved, we can go back to the Department of Animal, Food and Health office which we have mainly been dealing with since February, and we can then arrange with them to make an appointment for the inspection of the Shelter.

As explained in our last update, it was completely unexpected that we had to submit all the information to this new department, as it was to do with another new law that passed at the end of March. The Department of Animal, Food and Health Office and the vets did not know about it previously.

Work was started on the Shelter this week. We eventually found out who owned all the building rubbish behind the Shelter. Now that it has been removed, the builder has started work on the back of the Shelter.

rsdr_newdogWe know we said the Shelter is full but certain things happen and we just cannot say no.

A man turned up at our home in Rudozem in a van which he lived in with his two big husky type dogs plus a little dog he found on the road a few days ago. She is totally blind, covered in scratch marks and has a front leg missing.

Before seeing her Tony told the man that we were sorry but we just cannot take in any more dogs. He then got her out of his van and she sat there trembling.

rsdr_newdog2It was heartbreaking to see her so sad and miserable. She was so scared but hopefully when she realises she is safe and will be much loved she will start to settle.

You can see how tiny she is next to Tysan. She has been named Clara by a kind supporter and has started to give us some little tail wags which are lovely to see.

Beautiful Pippa is back from the Provet clinic after having her other back leg removed. What a difference in her movement, she can now turn in a full circle and change directions in a second.

rsdr_pippa2We really have to try our best to keep her quiet, so we have been looking after her in the medical room with restricted movement until her stitches are out.

She needs to be re-measured because she’s grown so much since her other wheelchair arrived that she will need a new one. We have removed her medical collar as she was really getting fed up with it – the vets said about 10 days, we gave her 12 and the wound has healed nicely.

rsdr_elsaElsa the recent rescue who had what looked like infected bite marks on her hips is doing ok. She is becoming very friendly and enjoys a cuddle.

We can only continue our work with your help. We have €8,639 left to go on our fundraiser, if you can make a donation – however small – please go to: www.youcaring.com/saveourshelter
Thank you so much from everyone at RSDR.

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