Please sign our petition – show your support for RSDR

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) now has a lawyer who is advising us regarding our application for registration and we have had meetings with the lawyer and the mayor.
In other news, RSDR has now started a petition where we would like supporters to show their support, and how important it is for RSDR to be granted Shelter registration, to government officials so RSDR can continue to send dogs and cats for adoption and therefore rescue more animals from the streets.
The number of dogs on the streets in Rudozem is ever increasing since February when we were stopped from doing adoption trips. The shelter is overcrowded with over 250 animals, and we explain that to people but still have dogs tied to the fence or pups dumped outside the yard. Winter is here and we will soon have snow. All we can do for the dogs and cats on the streets is make sure they get fed.
Please sign our petition to show your support…
RSDR heeft nu een advocaat die ons adviseert over onze aanvraag voor de registratie. Ook zijn er afspraken geweest met de advocaat en de burgemeester.
Ook is RSDR een handtekeningenactie begonnen en we roepen al onze sympatisanten en volgers op deze te ondertekenen.
Laat alsjeblieft zien dat je RSDR steunt en dat het heel belangrijk is voor RSDR dat het asiel officieel geregistreerd word door de autoriteiten. Op die manier kan RSDR weer dieren laten adopteren en meer dieren van de straat redden. Het aantal dieren op straat in Rudozem neemt alleen maar toe sinds we in februari gedwongen zijn te stoppen met de adoptieritten.
Het asiel is overvol met meer dan 250 dieren en dat leggen we iedereen uit, maar toch worden er dieren aan ons hek vastgebonden of gedumpt rondom het terrein. De winter is begonnen en het zal snel gaan sneeuwen. Alles wat we nu kunnen doen voor de honden en katten op straat is ze voeren.
Teken alsjeblieft onze petitie en laat zo je steun zien.…
Моля, покажете подкрепата си за “Рудозем Стрийт Дог Рескю ” и колко е важно за “РСДР” да бъде предоставена регистрацията на приюта от държавните служители, така че “РСДР” да може да продължи да изпраща кучета и котки за осиновяване и следователно да спасява повече животни от улиците.…


  1. Bernice white · · Reply

    Please help these innocent lives

  2. Theresa Lamb · · Reply

    Please support this wonderful animal rescue group. They’ve saved many animals, providing much needed help and a second chance for Love & hope in a precious animal’s life.

  3. eileen sinclair · · Reply

    please can you give Rudozem street dogs the support and legislation they need to continue with their kind and much needed work rescuing street dogs and cats. Nobody else seems to care for these poor, ill, neglected and abused animals, so have a heart and do the right thing please x

  4. Groups like this need the local community’s support. They appear do a wonderful job of taking care of innocent and helpless animals that have been discarded by an uncaring society through no fault of there own.

  5. Jan Shevik · · Reply

    Please grant this dedicated group shelter status. They work tirelessly for the benefit of animals who have been betrayed by other humans. There is a real need for RSDR.

  6. Jacaueline bilasin · · Reply

    Hope this group can give a chance for the sake of unwanted and stray dogs.

  7. We have 3 RSDR beauties…. please let others have the chance of happiness too by supporting them😁

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