New cats and dogs rescued August to November 2017

We thought you might like to know more about the cats and dogs we rescued from August to November this year:




30 November 2017
Driving back from the shelter I noticed cars in both directions avoiding something in the road. As I got near I saw this little one sat in the middle of the road. I pulled up and got out of the car and was expecting her to run off. She let me pick her up, and I noticed she is a bag of bones, just a skeleton under her thick coat and she was so cold.
We don’t know if she is carrying an infection so for now she is in a room upstairs at the house being looked after by Liam and Monika.

Looby (mum) and pups

Pups – Alan, Biffy, Zion, Tom Jones, Bella, Elpida

Looby & pups

12 November 2017
Arrived at the shelter this morning and this is what greeted us. A mamma dog and her pups. Mum was tied to the building and her pups, who haven’t opened their eyes yet, were left on the cold wet ground. Mum was very scared and cowered when we approached, but soon came round.
Mum and pups were put in the medical/treatment room as we are desperately over-crowded.


12 November 2017 – Reggie was found tied up and abandoned outside the shelter.



22 November 2017 – Girl pup dumped at the shelter today, named her Koala.





21 October 2017
Liam and Monika spotted this pup all alone. They stopped to see if he was ok and noticed he had a very badly swollen stomach. After many attempts to catch him they weren’t successful.
However six hours later he was in the same spot. It was 1 o’clock in the morning and after many failed attempts Liam managed to catch him and bring him to the house.




22 October 2017
Another friendly kitten turned up at the house the other day. She was playing in our garden when we spotted her. When Diane approached her and picked her up she was so friendly and purring away.
Diane named her Sparrow. Sparrow has been wormed, treated for fleas and has settled in like she’s always been here.

Mufti, Lou Lou, Gemini, Cas, Fizz and Tinka

October 2017 – We managed to rescue 6 kittens. They are Mufti, Lou Lou, Gemini, Cas, Fizz and Tinka.
rsdr_mufti etc

Mufti, Lou Lou, Gemini, Cas, Fizz & Tinka

Monty, Parker, Hera, Richie and Lemmy


Monty, Parker, Hera, Richie & Lemmy

16 October 2017 – The pups that were on a video a few days ago with their street dog mum have been dumped at the shelter. Probably by the local mayor who is trying to shut us down. It isn’t the first time we have said sorry we cannot take any more dogs or cats only for him to dump pups at the gate. Usually he ties them up in nylon sacks. Hanneke and Olaf arrived early at the shelter because they were going to the vets in Plovdiv and found these little ones, one pup had already fallen off from where they were dumped and luckily he wasn’t injured. Then we put them in a blue tub while we decided what to do with them. They are now safely in a pen in the garden at the house. Mum has gone missing. We hope she has been scared off and will return and not killed. The siblings are Monty, Parker, Hera, Richie and Lemmy.




15 October 2017 – An older pup was dumped in Rudozen a couple of weeks ago. She is very friendly and keeps approaching people. One night while Tysan was having coffee with his friends, the female dog went up to him for a fuss. After that she approached a man but instead of giving her a fuss, the man kicked out at her. Tysan then approached the man and let’s just say he later got in trouble with the police. We also saw her being followed by about six male street dogs. Again we could not do anything because of not doing adoption trips and not having anywhere to put her.
Then a few days ago we found her inside the shelter gates when we arrived at the shelter. With Hanneke and Olaf going to the vets the next day, they decided to take her along with Annie and Eloi to be sterilised. While at the vets, they asked her name and Olaf told them her name was Janice. In the mean time a lady told Tysan she would have the female pup and to take the pup to her if he saw her again. Tysan explained the pup was at the shelter and had been sterilised and she would be ok in a few days. Tysan and Tony went to see where Janice would be living, but it wasn’t suitable so she is still at the shelter.

Annie, Litsi and Orion



26 September 2017
We had no room but three pups were in serious danger. Obviously all three are related and have been spotted in and around town. They are roughly 5/6 months old. Even though they have lovely thick coats all are terribly thin. On Friday Kotsi spotted a group of dogs fighting in town, he managed to split them up and one pup was left uninjured but very shaken up. Liam and Kotsi spotted the second pup on Saturday and the pup ran up to them and would not leave Liam’s side. He even talks to Liam. The third pup was rescued on Sunday by Liam, Kotsi and Tysan after Liam got a message saying a pup was in town covered in blood. We thought she had been attacked by other street dogs but after we shaved and cleaned the area around the wound it looks more like she’s been shot. The pups are Annie, Litsi and Orion.




23 September 2017
The lads caught a man dumping pups near the shelter a few days ago. When the lads got to the spot the pups had ran off screaming. We never saw any sign of the pups after that day until Moa showed up outside the shelter.


23 September 2017 – This little kitty just showed up and made himself at home 🙂





27 September 2017
Sadly, Jasper passed away quietly yesterday. He was asleep in his bed at our house. We have no idea where he came from when he turned up and moved in a few weeks ago.
We are just glad that we were able to give him love, safety and care in his last days. RIP sweet boy. x




12 August 2017
We decided to make an attempt to catch the older kitten that turned up outside the shelter because he kept following the lads when they were walking the dogs. He kept going onto the road and it wouldn’t have been long before he got run over. We put a cat carrier with some meat in a dish and within seconds he went inside.
He is now safely inside making new friends.

Cassie, Newton, Evita and Eric


Cassie, Newton, Evita & Eric

3 August 2017 – Four pups turned up in the centre of town, the lads spotted them on the way to the shelter hiding under cars, The pups had been seen under an empty building next to the busy main road in the town centre. They had obviously came out of hiding looking for food. We had to make an emergency pen to put them in. The pups are Cassie, Newton, Evita and Eric.

Poppy, Destiny and Cosmo


Poppy, Destiny & Cosmo

4 August 2017 – Despite the shelter being full people are still dumping puppies. Three were abandoned today. They are Destiny, Cosmo and Poppy.


  1. jefflonowski81 · · Reply

    Is Janice still available? I live in the United States. Any suggestions as to how I can get her?

    1. hi jefflonowski81. Thank you for your message. All adoptions from Bulgaria are on HOLD and we are not accepting applications at this time. RSDR are not allowed to do transports or adoptions until we achieve shelter registration due to a new Bulgarian Law earlier this year. You can read the latest update at on what is happening.

      When adoptions are able to resume in the future, we only adopt to the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands due to the complicated process with TRACES. These countries also have adoption teams where applicants undergo phone interviews and home checks. We unfortunately do not adopt to US at this stage.

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