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Shelter Updates

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We continue our work feeding animals living on the streets


Feral street cats we feed

9 September 2017 – A family of feral street cats we feed near the shelter. There are usually twelve of them. Seven in the picture, two just out of view and a couple more came running to where we put food down.

The increasing amount of street dogs

16 November 2017 – Over the last couple of days we have been taking pictures of the increasing number of dogs on the streets in Rudozem. These are just a few. The situation isn’t as bad as it was when we moved here over ten years ago, but it is getting worse since we were stopped from doing adoption trips in February. We have been unable to take more dogs from the streets so the numbers are ever increasing. The shelter is overcrowded and we explain that to people, but still have dogs tied to the fence or pups dumped outside the yard. Winter is here and we will soon have snow. All we can do for the dogs on the streets is make sure they get fed.

Shelter life goes on, no matter what problems we are having


Repairing the roof

19 October 2017 – We still need to get rid of rubbish, do repairs and still come across dogs that need rescuing because its an emergency.
One of the outside pen’s roof started to leak. Over the years the tiles had come loose or cracked. Usually because of the weight of the snow. Some of the shelter boys replaced the tiles before the snow comes this year.



R.I.P Jimbob



12 October 2017 – Today our neighbour told us about a dead cat down the road. Although it was quite decomposed we identified it from markings as our Jimbob. Jimbob has always lived at the house with us and slept with Leo, Yoki, Rosie and our own dogs Angel and Daisy, every night. We don’t know how he died but he had been missing for a few days. Another sad day. He will be missed by us and the dogs.

RIP Clara



9 August 2017 – With great sadness, we made the decision to have Clara put to sleep. Since arriving with us, Clara has been having ongoing extensive medical treatment, which included two blood transfusions.
We were told by the vets that if her body didn’t start producing red blood cells after the second transfusion and following a course of treatment that there was nothing more that could be done for her. Sadly it didn’t work. We decided to bring her back from the vets and let her enjoy life whilst she was still happy and eating. Over the past week she had become weaker and quieter. When she stopped eating and drinking and no longer had the strength to get up, we knew it was time to let her go and she was put to sleep at the shelter. RIP sweet beautiful Clara xx

RIP Rosewood



Sad news we’re afraid. Rosewood has been put to sleep.
We have been noticing a change in him lately. He seemed irritable, moody, not eating and drinking like normal which we put down to the heat. Then he started biting and not getting on with the other cats.
We took him to the vets and within a couple of days he started to deteriorate. The vets think it was a brain tumour and put him to sleep to save any more suffering.
RIP Rosewood and sleep well x



RIP Bigdog… The Legend, 2007-2017



10 August 2017 – He found us in 2008 and never went away until we let him move in a few months later. He followed Liam and Luke everywhere they went, chased our car whenever he saw us and saved us from dangerous dogs and people more than once. He was a big part of our lives. In 2011 he moved to the shelter with us where he roamed free. He gave scared and abused pups and dogs comfort and confidence and was always happy to let cats curl up with him. He always welcomed visitors and loved the lads.
Late this morning he collapsed with suspected heart failure. We stayed with him and he passed away early this evening.
We are all heartbroken. We will never forget you Bigdog xxx


Volunteers that have helped out for a few days over the last few months.  We can’t thank them enough for all their assistance.

Ed & Michelle (with Tony in the middle)


Davide & Laura


Leanne, Jess and Henri



Olaf (kneeling) & Walter (right)



Olaf & Hanneke

Donations from Holland

rsdr_donnations12 November 2017 – Christmas came six weeks early for the dogs and cats at the shelter. Four pallets full of bedding, blankets, towels, food and other goodies arrived from Holland yesterday. We cannot thank our team in Holland, all the wonderful people that donated and the family that organised the transport enough for making this happen. Everything donated will go a long way in getting us through the winter.
Once again a massive thank you from all of us and the dogs and cats at RSDR.





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  1. Glad you have both cats and dogs. I’m more of a cat person with Sergei, my half Russian blue, as my tsar at home.

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