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Shelter Update 27 July 2018

RSDR finally have good news!!
In our last update on facebook, there was a handful of local people that were trying to get the shelter closed down and they held a protest – see newspaper link
The Executive Director of BFSA (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency), came to Rudozem because of the protest. Once here, he then checked the shelter at Elhovets and saw that it was being renovated and saw the good work we are trying to achieve with helping street animals. One of our shelter staff, Monika, then wrote him a letter asking for help because he had been to the town and the shelter and seen that we are making strides into getting the building renovated and that all we want is to help the dogs and cats. She explained that we could be doing the work so much quicker if we could do adoption trips. Because of this he has granted RSDR with an official letter that allows us to start doing adoption transports again for our animals, whilst we still undergo shelter renovations to get the shelter registration.
We have now received an “Official letter” with approval of this – the English translation is below.
RSDR still have a few logistics to work out with local officials on some requirements before we can transport, but it means that all our adopted dogs and cats that have been waiting since January 2017, can soon go to their new adopted homes! We are so happy to announce this news.
Republic of Bulgaria
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Bulgarian Food Safety Agency
RE: We have received a letter from you with application for permission to transport companion animals (dogs) to shelters and rehoming centres in the UK and Netherlands, in order for them to be adopted there.
Regarding your letter with entry no: 10032/16.07.2018 to the BFSA with application for permission to transport companion animals (dogs) to shelters and rehoming centres in the UK and Netherlands, in order for them to be adopted there, I would like to inform you:
A procedure has been started at OBDH Smolyan (Regional Directorate for Food Safety) for registration of animal care/welfare site that cares for dogs and cats, situated in Elhovets, Rudozem municipality, Smolyan district, belonging to the Rudozem Streetdog Rescue foundation. With the establishment of the site, in accordance to the veterinary requirements for animal care and humane treatment towards them, a certificate of registration will be issued for animal care and welfare site, according to the provisions of article 137 from the Veterinary Practice AcT.
Considering that at the moment there is no permanent housing to accommodate the constantly increasing number of animals coming in, in order to prevent pollution of the public areas or to create danger for people and other animals, I grant permission for transportation of the animals to other shelters and rehoming centres in other countries to allow timely adoption. The transportation needs to be carried out by strictly following the requirements, written in the the Veterinary Practice Act and all other regulations and regulatory frameworks that apply.
Dr. Damyan Iliev
Executive Director of BFSA


Other News

In other news, in early May the building contracts were signed and renovations were started on the first section (shed as we call it) of the building and this will soon be completed before we can move onto the second shed.
We have also got another updated figure on the final bill of the inside renovations, which gives the total inside work pricing at 185,117.96 Bulgarian Lev (€94,644.83). This figure is a lot higher then the original quotation, as different departments added extra conditions to the building over the last few months. There is also extra costing for replacing the temporary pens outside with 15 new pens alongside the shelter which will be between the building and the sound proof fence. All of these pens will be solid rooms with solid walls, and flooring to specifications required.
As we have already raised €71,137 euros on our Youcaring fundraiser, we still need to raise approximately €23,528 to reach this new target and will set up a new fundraiser for this soon. You can still however donate with our normal donate button on our website, until this is set up:
You can see some of the renovations in our photo albums at:
Thank you for all your support.


  1. Gill Rossini · · Reply

    OH FABULOUS!!! fantastic I wept with the pleasure of knowing adoptions can take place.SO WELL DONE ALL OF you…Did you receive my parcel? Think it should have reached you by now, but these neighbours who tried closing you down may have interfered with the post -hope not! Gill Rossini (

  2. Fabulous news! Hope it goes on in leaps and bounds. Very delighted for you all xx

  3. Marjan Brazier · · Reply

    Fabulous, that is brilliant news. I am so happy about that

  4. Just seen that you are able to carry out adoption transports again. This is fabulous news!

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