Some good news from our shelter


Marmaduke, the older kitten that had a very nasty chest wound, is doing great. His wound is healing nicely, he is eating well and putting weight on. He is such a lovely, happy boy.


Little Gracie is home from the vets and doing really well. Thank you to everyone who donated towards her operation and care. We cannot do what we do without your generosity and help. She really is such a beautiful little soul and deserved the chance at having a full life.

As you can see, she is settling into the house (having taken over the cats’ bed!) and is enjoying herself in the garden.

Welcome to Angela

Please welcome Angela to RSDR. Angela started out by volunteering a few hours a day and is now full-time.

Annual vaccination boosters

Here are some of our beautiful dogs waiting patiently for their yearly vaccinations.


Anyone who would like to donate towards vaccinations for the dogs, please go to Thank you!

And to finish up, here are a couple of pictures of Beau Peep cleaning Jasper, who is one of Blackie’s kittens.

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