Three kittens in desperate need

Three kittens were brought to the house by Tysan’s brother Sacho. All three were in a very bad way and needed emergency medical attention.

We could not get an appointment at the Pro Vet Clinic until the following day, so we cleaned the kittens up the best we could. They were full of fleas and lice so we treated them for that problem. We also wormed them and gave them antibiotics and eye drops.

The Pro Vet Clinic in Plovdiv said they think one kitten is totally blind, and the other two will have sight in only one eye. It is a form of herpes and they probably caught it from their mum. We will give them their medication and try our best to nurse them back to full health. The kittens were named by three kind supporters and they are now called… Starla, Jackson and Fuzzy.

Annual Boosters

We have been carrying out some annual vaccinations for our dogs and cats. We always vaccinate to keep them protected from diseases, even if it is in advance of them being donated for. However, if you are able to help us with these costs it would be very much appreciated as money is so tight. Please go to Thank you.

Bootle’s turn for a yearly vaccination
Indica gets an annual booster

Sponsorship Programme

You may have seen the pictures we post to our Facebook page of the dogs and cats who are not yet sponsored. People sometimes query what happens to donors’ money and how our sponsorship programme works. The money donated by sponsors is used solely to meet the costs of the food we need to buy for the animals. With more than 200 rescued cats and dogs and 30-odd permanent residents, our food bill is pretty huge! Then there are also the many street cats and dogs in town that we try to support. If you could either half or full sponsor one of our beautiful cats or dogs please visit the RSDR website and sign up. Thank you.


Gracie continues to do very well and has just started her vaccinations. Here she is with her toy Eeyore.

A thank you

Thank you so much to Chris Ferrera for the wonderful donation and the very kind note.

Happy updates

Hearing happy stories from our adopters keeps us going through the hard times. Guus (was Quincy) was rescued in September 2014 along with his four siblings. They were found all alone, with no sign of their mum. Now look at him! What a handsome fellow. He has found his happiness with his forever family in the Netherlands. We thank them for looking after him so well.

And a big thank you to all our supporters for following our work and helping us improve the lives of these dogs and cats.

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