Life continues to be busy at the Shelter

What a difference 10 years makes!

The top picture is when we bought the place 10 years ago and the bottom picture was taken today. 10 years of very hard work, blood, sweat, tears and money. All our own savings that we came with, and the donations sent from the wonderful, generous people from all over the world, made Rudozem Street Dog Rescue what is is today.

Sad news about the kittens

Sadly two of the three kittens with badly infected eyes have passed away. Jackson and Starla became very poorly, and it was all too much for their tiny little bodies to cope with. Fuzzy is still with us and is eating and drinking well, and seems to be putting weight on.

Could you sponsor one of our dogs?

We have many dogs at the Shelter who don’t have sponsors. Could you help us to change that? Sponsorship starts at 10 Euros a month and is a fantastic way to donate to the Shelter as the money raised through sponsorship is so important to us. It helps to cover our huge daily feeding costs. For more information regarding sponsorship, please go to

Some welcome supplies!

Again, a much needed pallet of supplies arrived at the Shelter from our wonderful supporters in Holland. Dog and cat food, chews, treats, collars, medical supplies, wormers and flea treatments. Amazing, thank you so much!

Annual boosters continue

The dogs and cats continue to receive their yearly vaccinations – here are Ziggy, Olaf and Sassy getting theirs.

Our next auction

This will be held on Facebook from 3 – 13 November. It’s a great way to get some early holiday shopping done while helping to raise funds for RSDR. Please keep an eye out for it.

A little down time…

And to finish up for this issue, a few photos of Diane, Liam and a new friend!


  1. Kelly M Kurdziel · · Reply

    What is KHALEESI now? I never saw anything after Blog 2.

    1. Hi Kelly, she is doing really well at the Shelter thanks. We will do an update picture on her very soon!

  2. Gill ROSSINI · · Reply

    Wow, this is so uplifting.. I will sponser Zorro the blind dog if that is ok with you….I wanted Zorro, but he wasn’t allowed out of the country Bulgaria…I have rescued another blind dog from Serbia,. You have worked so hard, it is joyous to read your message. X

    1. Thank you so much Gill 🙂 We will be in touch via email regarding the sponsorship. We really appreciate your support.

  3. You are doing a fantastic job rescuing those pets.! I wrote last week an article on my website titled: “The Art of Living from a Dog’s perspective” – Feel free to check it out!

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