Feeding dogs on the streets

Photos of the many dogs we feed on our daily rounds. There are so many mouths to feed, particularly in the winter when the weather is very harsh.

Another young female who will have pups soon. She is very scared and runs away when approached.

If anyone would like to help with feeding costs of the animals on the streets, please sign up to our sponsor a dog or cat program on our website. The sponsor program is a co-sponsor program where all the funds donated in this program go towards feedings costs of all the animals at the shelter – as well as towards the daily feeding runs RSDR have set up for animals living on the streets. Please go to http://www.streetdogrescue.com/sponsor and you can choose which shelter animal’s photo you wish to receive each month.

Shelter Life

Leo Bear, Rosie, Yoki and Joey the cat all nice and cosy.
Vasil and Nat
Rosie, Dot and Yoki
Beau Peep
Khaleesi meeting Ozzy

Amazing donations from Holland

Again the wonderful team, supporters and donators in Holland have collected donations and made sure we received them here in Bulgaria where they are much needed – especially at this time of year. Not only for the dogs and cats at the shelter, but for all the animals on the streets. Thank you so much to Danielle and Tosja for the amazing gifts for the humans at the shelter, we really do appreciate your generosity. Olaf and Monika, wow what a journey you have had in wintery conditions to drive all that way from Holland to make sure everything donated reached us here in South Bulgaria. We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for seeing us through the good times, but also the bad times as well.

Olaf and Monika saying goodbye. Thank you both for delivering all the donations and for spending a few days doing odd jobs and walking lots of dogs.

Thank you to all of our supporters around the world – we could not do what we do without you.

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