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Lockdown Love

We hope you are all keeping safe and well in this difficult time. We wanted to send you some photos of RSDR dogs and cats who are brightening up the lives of their humans at the moment. LIDDY & GYPSY AVA NINA VEGAS SAGE MAJA LIV BONITA AMIGA RAPHY WATSON, POPPY & SIMBA LUX Thank […]

Feeding dogs on the streets

Photos of the many dogs we feed on our daily rounds. There are so many mouths to feed, particularly in the winter when the weather is very harsh. Another young female who will have pups soon. She is very scared and runs away when approached. If anyone would like to help with feeding costs of […]

Seasons greetings from RSDR

Our Advent Dogs We have been counting down the days to Christmas with our ‘RSDR Advent Dogs’. Here are a couple of the beautiful boys and girls we have featured: Jeremiah was our seventh advent dog. This poor boy had a terrible start to his life. Jeremiah and his five sisters were left outside the […]

Another kitten adopts us!

An older kitten turned up at the shelter. He can come and go as he pleases, but seems to have made himself completely at home. He is super friendly so again not feral. We do not know much about him or what his story is. Thank you so much Miranda Spri for naming him Bruce. […]

News of some lovely happy endings

Happy endings Some more lovely photos of happy dogs from our adopters. Here is Amiga who lives with her forever family in London. Her mum has just sent us this pic. She’s such a relaxed girl who loves cuddling with her humans. Minnie was one of three siblings rescued in 2014 from the side of […]

It seems to have been Cat Week!

We start with some very very sad news, our special pup Gracie passed away. She became poorly and was taken to the Pro Vet Clinic in Plovdiv. She had a scan and it revealed her bladder was very swollen. Within 24 hours she had passed away. The vet said complications with the bladder and her […]

Life continues to be busy at the Shelter

What a difference 10 years makes! The top picture is when we bought the place 10 years ago and the bottom picture was taken today. 10 years of very hard work, blood, sweat, tears and money. All our own savings that we came with, and the donations sent from the wonderful, generous people from all […]

Three kittens in desperate need

Three kittens were brought to the house by Tysan’s brother Sacho. All three were in a very bad way and needed emergency medical attention. We could not get an appointment at the Pro Vet Clinic until the following day, so we cleaned the kittens up the best we could. They were full of fleas and […]

Some good news from our shelter

Marmaduke Marmaduke, the older kitten that had a very nasty chest wound, is doing great. His wound is healing nicely, he is eating well and putting weight on. He is such a lovely, happy boy. Gracie Little Gracie is home from the vets and doing really well. Thank you to everyone who donated towards her […]

Increase in dumped dogs on the streets

Feeding street dogs on the way to the shelter this morning. We have noticed an increase in dumped dogs again recently. Two older dogs with collars and two younger ones have turned up over the last few weeks. It is heartbreaking to see, and even more so because we cannot take them in. It won’t […]