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My week at the Shelter – Nicole’s story

Without the help of volunteers, RSDR would only be able to rescue a fraction of the cats and dogs that we find suffering on the streets. We rarely, if ever, meet the amazing people in our admin teams in the Netherlands and UK – or our team leader who lives in Australia. So it was […]

How to make a difference – volunteering at the RSDR Shelter

When you keep seeing stories of animal cruelty and appeals for help from rescues in your social media feeds, what do you do? Scroll on by, like, share, donate? For Leanne and Henri that was not enough. They wanted to make a real difference – so they packed their bags and headed for Rudozem! Leanne […]

Rescue Dog Robbie’s Guide to Chewing

Hi everyone, I’m Robbie of “Hello My Name Is Robbie” video fame.   The usual human who blogs this thing is off to kennels so I’m getting to hijack it to discuss the hot dog topic of chewing.   Many of my chums from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue are adopted as pups who have never […]