Urgent Appeal from RSDR

Bulgaria has now declared a state of emergency, so it’s more vital now than ever to get the funds to try and get as much dog food as we can. https://www.novinite.com/…/Bulgaria+is+in+a+State+of+Emerge…

PLEASE DONATE at https://gogetfunding.com/rsdrdogfood/

RSDR are appealing for your help. We are asking for donations towards purchasing of dog food for the animals at the shelter in Bulgaria for the next few months. With the impending worry about Coronavirus, RSDR are concerned that local authorities may stop deliveries to the small regional town of Rudozem in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria. If this happens they may also not let people come and leave the town. There are already schools and group gatherings being closed/stopped in Rudozem, so we not sure in these uncertain times if deliveries and people coming into the town will be stopped.

It is vital that we ensure the animals have enough to eat over the coming months, so we would like to make extra preparations to have enough to not only feed the shelter animals but the animals on the streets. We are hoping to be able to purchase 500 bags of dog food.

We have enclosed a bill for approx 50 bags of dog food on our fundraiser, so you can see costs. The bill is for 925 Levs. The shelter advises that 50 bags of dog food, lasts approximately 2 weeks for the dogs at the shelter, so they need approximately 100 bags per month. This estimation doesn’t include food for the animals on the streets and any special diets needed for some of the dogs. 500 bags works out to being 9,250 levs, which is approximately 4,800 Euros, so we are going to make our target goal 5,000 euros.

If you are able to help us, please make a donation through paypal on the donate button on our fundraiser.

You can also donate direct to our Bulgarian Bank Account:

Bulgarian Bank account:
Bank: DSK Bank
Account Name: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bank
Bank Address: 4960, 4960 Rudozem, 11 Han Asparuh Str, Bulgaria
IBAN BG55STSA93000016929092
(Can donate in any currency as it will be converted to Bulgarian Levs)

Please don’t send cheques to the above bank address.

Please be aware your bank may charge you a fee for international transfers.

Please email streetdogrescue@gmail.com if you have made a donation by direct deposit so we know it’s for the dog food fundraiser. Please reference ‘dog food’.

If you would like to save on bank fees transferring direct to the BG bank account, you can also send your bank transfer by www.transferwise.com

Please note: If we raise more then the target goal, any extra donations will go back towards the shelter’s general costs.

This fundraiser is set up by Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) a non profit foundation in Bulgaria that rescues street dogs and cats.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue
Foundation No. 175647065
Email: streetdogrescue@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your help xxx


  1. Paul London · · Reply

    i am sorry i can’t donate as times are hard so far this year due to me being ill but I have shared on Facebook and asking for help – support and further sharing to gain support, sorry but its the best i can do

    1. Many thanks for your support 🙂

  2. Christine tipping · · Reply

    Can I donate on a wish list

    1. Hi Christine, apologies for the delay in our response. Thank you very much for wanting to donate. We have a wishlist, but unfortuantely, due to lockdowns, deliveries from outside Bulgaria can’t be done at this stage because of Coronavirus. If you would still like to make a donation, please go to our website at http://www.streetdogrescue.com. Many thanks xxx

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