About RSDR

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (www.streetdogrescue.com) is a non-profit foundation in Bulgaria that rescues street dogs from a life of abuse and finds them loving homes.

Our mission

1. Rescue Street dogs in Bulgaria and find them loving homes.
2. Renovate and build a dog shelter/clinic.
3. Implement a neuter/spay program to reduce the population of street dogs
4. Implement Education about Animal Welfare to the public.

Company Overview
Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) is a non-profit foundation that rescues Street Dogs in Bulgaria and finds loving homes for them in the UK, Netherlands and now Germany.In August 2007, the Rowles family – Diane and Tony Rowles and their 4 children, 4 dogs and 2 cats decided to make the move to Bulgaria to have a more peaceful life from the busy lifestyle in the UK. The Rowles bought a family property in the outskirts of Rudozem.After living in Bulgaria for a few months, the family saw the plight of the street dogs and started feeding them and patting them. They were shocked by the locals reactions and abuse towards the street dogs, and saw dogs spat on, kicked or had stones thrown at them. They continued to feed the dogs on the streets when they could out of their own money.

In September 2007, their youngest son Luke befriended a street dog who started following Luke around.  They named him Ranger and he became the family’s first rescue dog when a man was trying to shoot him. You can read about Ranger’s story on the About Us page of the website. In following months other street dogs went home to the Rowles family.

With the continuing number of street dogs needing to be fed on the streets, it was getting harder not to do something, so in March 2009, Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) was formed, and officially became a registered foundation.


  1. Mark Entwistle · · Reply


    Emailed a week or two ago but not sure you got it. Have not been in position to financially support ur shelter but think work u doing amazing
    And would like to help if I can another way. I know money is vital and perhaps some fundraising and publicity here in Scotland oils help? I am professional journalist in Scottish border region. My firm is
    Johnston Press which owns over 300 papers
    Across UK. That includes papers in Newcastle area which would I think be keen to run story on Sean. Also I think I read you guys have link to Scotland so I could also work up story for paper like the Scotsman etc. what do you think?
    Mark Entwistle
    Tel: 07788192080

    1. Hi Mark

      That would be amazing – thank you so much! Our administrator Anita did send you an email, but it doesn’t sound like your received it. I will give you a call.

      Bye for now

      Paula (UK admin team)

  2. Annica Eriksson · · Reply

    God bless u for all your fantastic work u do with the poor abused homeless animals.
    I´ve just donated a small amount of money to the dogs.
    It gives me hope for humanity knowing you care for all these sweethearts.
    Thank you =) ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Annica. We are so very grateful. I am sorry to take so long to reply to your message, but we really appreciate your interest in RSDR.

  3. jay harley · · Reply

    I don’t read anywhere that you adopt to the united states. Why not?

    1. verdi wilson · · Reply

      Have a read over the adoption process on the website. It just isn’t possible to safeguard the dogs for a trip to the USA at the moment. There are special teams in the UK and Netherlands who help us with the adoption process.

  4. Janet Casey · · Reply

    Can you help ?
    we are staying in our villa at Aheloy nr Sunny Beach, we have befriended a stray dog all week and would be interested in rescuing it and taking back to the UK, how do we go about this please ?
    We have our own funds and don’t need any financial help
    Problem is, we go home this evening to Manchester !!
    Regards Janet and Sean Casey

    1. Janet, we am so sorry that we have only just come across your message. We hope you managed to arrange a happy ending for the dog. Thank you for caring.

  5. Adam whitley · · Reply

    I would like to adopt the 5 month old dog named Rex if you still have him

  6. Jace Alkhalifa · · Reply


    My name is Jace. My brother and I have spotted a cute stray dog eating the remains of a rubbish bin by a hotel in Sunny Beach on 8/7/16. We stopped and stood by the dog for about 10 minutes to show that we cared. With about 35 minutes to walk back to our hotel the dog had followed us the whole way. I instantly fell in love with this dog and I want to take him back home to the UK. Unfortunately during my research the dog needs to vaccinated by a vet and needs to to be cleared for 21 days before flying back to the UK. I’ve sadly not got the funds nor leave (I’m expected back at work) to stay any longer nor provide care for this little legend until the process is complete. It broke my heart to let him go. I feel really helpless. I’ve come across your charity whilst reading a news report on stray dogs and I would like to thank you for your work. I really want to help and donate monthly. I’m going to attempt to donate right now and every month. Please let me know if you’ve received it. God Bless you.

    1. You are very kind, Jace. You can donate via our website streetdogrescue.com/donatehelp.htm. We are grateful for any amount, no matter how small x

  7. Hi, I just randomly happened to find your website as I was browsing the web (OK, honestly, I was checking out this Pokemon craze). I saw the pictorial about a rescue dog (I believe named Kahlezi (sp.?). I was greatly touched. I am writing here right now laying by one of my five dogs (Sky an almost 14 year old golden retriever). We have been competiton dog fanciers for our entire adult lives (I almost do not want admit how long, but it has been over 40 years). We have been fortunate enough to have the passion and the means to care for our many, many dogs, and love them deeply. We are at an inflection point in our lives and we are hoping to help causes like yours as our primary mission for as long as we can. I will continue to communicate with you if you like to see how we could best help. You can check us out by reviewing our website below, or googling my name, Blessings and best wishes to you. Please email us back so we can start a dialog.


    1. Wayne, I’m afraid I can see your details. Could you email streetdogrescue@gmail.com please or look on our website for ways to help us: streetdogrescue.com thank you!

  8. Douglas Johnson · · Reply

    God bless you. I just made a donation.

    1. Thank you so much Douglas. We are very grateful x

  9. Rick & Patti George · · Reply

    Just watched the amazing story of “Duke” and offer this small token of our appreciation for the kind work you do. So sorry it could not be more…It’s folks like you who make the world a much more beautiful place. Thank you so much for your tremendous service to our earths other inhabitants.
    Kindest regards

    Rick & Patti George
    Powell River BC, Canada

    1. You are incredibly kind. Thank you so much x

  10. Mia McNiece · · Reply

    Hello, I was incredibly touched by the story of Duke and the brave and wonderful work you are doing in Bulgaria. Thank you from one animal lover to another.

    Your last bullet point under “Our Mission” caught my eye in particular “Education on Animal Welfare to the Public.” I am taking a course through the Humane Society of the United States to become a certified humane educator. And while it is the US I have met fellow students from around the globe – Japan, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico to name a few countries.

    It is a five-course certification program and I am currently taking my fourth course.
    You can read about it here:

    Would this be of interest to you? I’d be happy to discuss further with you.

    Thank you again!


    1. We are based in Bulgaria so not sure how this would work, but you are doing a great thing becoming certified. If only everyone was as caring x

  11. Mia McNiece · · Reply


    The entire course is conducted online – so anyone from around the world can participate in the classes. There are instructor lead online videos and a discussion board for posting assignments and discussion.

    So you can participate in the course from Bulgaria. 🙂


    1. I will let Diane know – thank you x

  12. I just saw Khaleesi’s story,brought me to tears. I am so thankful that people like you are here to save all these wonderful babies. I have always had a dream of owning land and having money to take in all abused, lost and abandoned animals. ALL OF EM! I really wish I could donate tons of money but all I have is prayers and thankfulness for all the people who love and save animals. I have 7 cats 3 of which were found on the street in bushes, 5 wks old and very hungry. I also have had 2 dogs, in heaven now. thank you again for all you do and I hope by now Khaleesi has been adopted. I would take now except I am in Spokane, Washington. Thank you again and God Bless all of you for all you do.

    1. Hi Peggy. Sadly, no. She is still waiting. We keep our fingers and paws crossed for her xx

  13. I just read your story about Duke – it was so touching & amazing what you did for him and to see him so happy with his new “Mum” here in the UK. Thank you that you didn’t turn your back and leave him to die, you went to such a lot of effort which finally paid off and gave him a second chance at life. I hope my little donation will help other dogs get a chance of being rehomed just like Duke. Thank you and God bless you for the life saving work that you do at R.S.D.R.

    1. Sheens, thank you so much for your kind words and your support. We are very grateful 😘

  14. […] Read more about them HERE. […]

  15. jaimie lisle · · Reply

    I would like your help urgently – I have came across a puppy that a young street boy has – is is obviously drugged, malnourished and should not be away from its mother- I am willing to take this puppy but have no idea where to start to get it home to England – I can’t bare to leave it in this state – please help x

    1. Where are you now?

  16. Jaimie lisle · · Reply

    Sunny beach

  17. To get a dog back to England it will need rabies injections which take 21 days. We don’t vaccinate pups until they are 3 months old because they are generally not developed and strong enough until then. We are in the south of Bulgaria so too far away to pick the pup up. If you are in BG for some time, we suggest you visit a local vet for advice. They will be able to microchip the pup and produce its passport which are also requirements for travel. I hope that helps.

  18. I just read the story on Duke. You are such wonderful people to take care of these abused dogs. I would like to help you in any way that I can. You are tremendous! God Bless you and your animals, Please email me and I’ll do my best to help out. Gary

    1. Hi Gary. It’s easier for us if you visit our website to see how you can help http://streetdogrescue.com/donatehelp.htm. Scroll down the page for all the different ways you can make a difference- thank you!

  19. I’ll check it out and get back to you soon!! You’re great people and God Bless you and your animals always. Gary

  20. I’ve rescued a kitten from beggars in sunny beach who were threatening to kill it. I want to take it back to England. If I pay for vaccinations and a microchip is there somewhere for her to stay until she is clear to fly. I go home on Monday.

    1. Hi Karen, our admin says she emailed you last night with advice.

  21. Hi! Just like many others, i fell in love with this stray kitten, who has been injured (something whrong with his leg..) cant seem to find anyplace where to contact and get help for the poor one.. we are staying at nessebar. Could you send me any advice where to contact? Would be able to pay atleast some of the treatment needed..

  22. Helen Whitmore · · Reply

    I just donated after reading Dukes story, never realizing it was in Bulgaria! Who knew? Got worried cause I signed up for monthly, but now feel it is legit. I am retired,so I don’t know if I can continue next year. Will I be able to cancel then?
    good luck,

    1. Thank you so much for caring, Helen. Yes, of course – you can cancel at any time.

  23. Hi guys. First of all I would like to thank you for all the work you doing for those poor animals. As you know people here are really cruel to them. I am from Plovdiv and I care for 3 street dogs which are menassed to be poison by the neibourghs. I am really lost and don’t know what to do any more. My life is become a nightmare since I hear all those words. I am begging you for help.

    1. Nadia, I am so sorry to hear what is happening to you and your dogs. At the moment we cannot help you as we are fighting to keep the shelter open. If you email us at streetdogrescue@gmail.com we can send you details of other people who be able to help you. Good luck (Paula)

  24. chuck levin · · Reply

    What is your group’s address? I have been giving monthly donations, but would like to include you in my estate plan; but I need to have more solid contact information. Thank you!

    1. How wonderful – thank you! Could you please email streetdogrescue@gmail.com and our admin will let you know.

  25. Tricia Pemberton · · Reply

    Hi I wonder if you can help us we are in a village called Polski Izvor near Burgas and a stray dog has attached his self to us unfortunately we are only out on holiday he is such a lovely dog that we feel he deserves a forever home we go back to Manchester on the 27 th may if we bring him to you would you be able to take him and find him a home my daughters friend Katie has just got a dog called Lisa from you so I know all about the good work you do he is about 15 months old and looks like German shepherd he has had injections and has a passport when we go home he will have to fend for himself he has a lovely nature and wants to be loved we are worried for his health and safety we have tried places around here without success please please try and help us best regardsTricia and Pat Xxx

    1. Hi Trisha. So I’m afraid that the RSDR shelter is completely full. The Bulgarian authorities are refusing to allow us to transport dogs out of the country until the shelter is formally registered so we are unable to make space for new rescues. I realise it is heartbreaking but we are unable to take any more dogs at all. We do have a list of shelters in other parts of Bulgaria however so if you would like to email streetdogrescue@gmail.com our admin can send you the list of contact details. Thank you so much for caring. It is a truly desperate situation.

  26. Leonie Harrington · · Reply

    Hi, I was on a bus at Sunny Beach bus station and heard a cat meowing. Saw an 8 month ish ginger kitten or young cat meowing and demanding attention (food?). Is there any charity could check he is ok as worried he will get run over. Thanks

  27. Staying at complex Astra in Sunny Beach. At the parkinglot behind the building we spotted a stray cat, clearly wounded in side of its neck. I dont know if you have precense here, but if you do. It would be a blessibg for the cat to have you looking for it. If i cant be saved at least put to sleep without pain and despair.

  28. Jane Thorpe · · Reply

    We holidayed at the Lira Hotel Sunny Beach in September 2018 and I was very upset to learn that the 3 lovely cats that were fed by guests were to be abandoned when the hotel closed. One was a young female white with ginger patches; her brother who was similar and their mum who was dark with ginger tuffs. I have been trying to get help for them eversince we got home. Please are you able to see if they are ok? I would send money for them.

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