It seems to have been Cat Week!

We start with some very very sad news, our special pup Gracie passed away. She became poorly and was taken to the Pro Vet Clinic in Plovdiv. She had a scan and it revealed her bladder was very swollen. Within 24 hours she had passed away. The vet said complications with the bladder and her kidneys shutting down were the cause of death. We are absolutely devastated.

Some visitors

Hanneke and Olaf arrived on 18 October with a van full of donations for the dogs and cats. Olaf got to work straight away, fitting the fire extinguishers. Thank you so much to everyone who donated for all the wonderful gifts, it s such a fantastic effort and very much appreciated.

More trips to the neuter clinic

Some more boys and girls went to be neutered at Dr Nezi Huteva clinic. It is vital we continue with this work, and if you are able to help with these costs it would be wonderful. Please go to and choose ‘neuter donations’. The cost for neutering a male dog is 40 Euros.

Isaac, Ewan & Dougie have now been neutered

Work on a new roof

We have been working on a new roof on the outside pens. Olaf, Denis and Tysan getting it weather proof before winter sets in and the snow comes. We were hoping we would not need the outside pens in this section and they could be taken down. With so many dogs it will not be happening any time soon.

Shelter life continues to be busy

Some photos of our work at the shelter over the last couple of weeks…

Cole, Helena & Benjamin
Olaf & Hanneke with Isaac & Dougie
Marmaduke, Sariba, Mojo, Junior, Fuzzy, Minx & Allegra
Bouncer getting his annual vaccination

Cat Week!

In the last week we have had a number of kittens needing our help. Tony found a female kitten in the middle of the road cleaning herself. He stopped and got out and thought she would run because she would be feral, but instead she started purring and grippped onto him and wouldn’t let go! Tony thought ‘oh, a new friend for Fuzzy’ and she got into the car with him. We have called her Minx.


We also found some feral kittens dumped in the trash. Tony managed to get them out, but couldn’t catch them. There was a lot of scared hissing and spitting and then they ran off in a panic.

A poorly kitten who is missing an eye was brought to us by Martin who used to work at RSDR. We have started on antibiotics and treated her for fleas and worms. She has been named Allegra by Hilary Shepherd – thank you so much Hilary.


And then, Tony arrived at the house from the shelter and this little cat came to see him as he was getting out of the car. 15 minutes later she is coming through the front gate like she’s always lived here! We have called her Mimosa. At the moment we are unsure if she belongs to somebody nearby or what her story is. But she does love a cuddle with Tony, and has really settled in. She shows no sign of wanting to leave, and it’s like she has been here for years.

Mimosa arrives
Mimosa cuddling with Tony

The next day another kitten in need arrived at the shelter with two young ladies. They had found him all alone outside in the road, no sign of mum or siblings.

Some lovely adopter updates

This is Lupin who was rescued from underneath a building. For a while she remained very scared, but went on to find her happiness in the Netherlands. Her adopters called her Lyka, look at what a gorgeous girl she is now!

Lupin when we rescued her

Renko was adopted in the UK in 2012, where he has been growing up with his forever friend Jess. Here they are sharing a special moment.

Jess & Renko

A farewell to Hanneke and Olaf

Hanneke and Olaf left to return to the Netherlands after being with us for nearly two weeks. It was hard saying goodbye, it’s like saying goodbye to family. We are missing them already. They have done so much on their visit, all the repairs and so much dog walking. Hopefully we will see them again very soon.

And finally…

A quick reminder that our Auction starts on Facebook on 3 November. A great way to help us raise funds – and get some early holiday shopping done. You can join at

Thank you for all your support – we couldn’t do what we do without you xx


  1. Kelly Kurdziel · · Reply

    My heart is broken for Gracie…..
    RIP fur-baby.

    1. Thank you, we are devastated to lose her.

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