Finding a home for Lenka

***We are delighted to announce that Lenka has found her new forever home and is settling in very well there – thanks to everyone who commented, shared and tweeted her story.  We are very grateful for your support 🙂 ***

Lenka 3Hello, my name is Lenka.  I hope you can understand my accent because I come from Bulgaria.  I speak s-l-o-w-l-y for you.

My mum is ill and can’t look after me any more so I really hope that you can find it in your heart to take me home with you.

Let me explain…

I have had a long journey to get to where I am now.  I started out life in Rudozem – Tony and Diane who rescued me say I was born in November 2012.  Apparently, this means that I am now “fully grown” which seems to be important because I weigh 30kg.  But look what you get for 30kgs – masses of brindle fur to cuddle!

I have been living with my current family for more than a year now so I am used to the English life – although I still do not understand why my mum puts hot water on little brown bags and then drinks it.

I am an interesting mix

My humans got a little brush and tickled the inside of my mouth to get something called “DNA”. From that, they found out that I am an Anatolian Shepherd Dog/Otterhound cross with some other interesting breeds thrown in.

Lenka DNA

Other breeds which may have gone into me include: Saluki and Bearded Collie, then less likely Belgian Sheepdog, Norwich Terrier and Irish Wolfhound.  I’d call that some pedigree!

Apparently, I am a thinker

My humans says I am a quiet, humble big girl and that I am a ‘thinker’.  I am very intelligent and a quick learner when I choose to learn!  I liked going to puppy classes and now I can sit, give you my paw, lie down and wait when we tell me to.

I like my own space

Like others Anatolians, I like to do my own thing and will take myself off quite happily to spend a couple of hours alone which gives my family some peace and quiet.  It’s important that you know this so that you understand why I can be quiet sometimes.

But I always know how to get my humans’ attention: when it is time for food or walks, I go and sit in front of them with a look that says, “I think you’ve forgotten something…….” I also find it helps if I will paw their leg at the same time.

Lenka 2When I’m out and about

Did I hear you say “walk”?!  I love those!  Especially if it means I can root around in grass and marshy areas so woods and beaches are my favourite places.  And water is great!  I usually only go in up to my shoulders though, but I will swim if I absolutely have to.

I do like wandering about checking out every scent – you’ve got to remember that I have a massive schnozz and pick up on all the lovely smells outside.

But then I also like charging around chasing other dog friends and I can be a bit boisterous at times. Well, it’s all so exciting being in the open with other dogs.  I have many dog friends, both new and ones that I’ve has known since I arrived in the UK.

I do sometimes I forget about my humans and wander away.  They call me, but I only go back to them when I’m good and ready.  You see, I come from a long line of nomadic dogs with responsibility for looking after herds and flocks so I’m used to taking the initiative.

But I know it’s important for me to walk well when my human puts me on a lead.  Very occasionally, I’ll catch sight of a another dog/bird/other interesting thing which just cries out to be sniffed and then I can pull to get closer.  Well, wouldn’t you?

I love my people

I am a delightful animal, even though I say so myself. Just look at me - regal and proud, but with soft edges.

I am a delightful animal, even though I say so myself. Just look at me – regal and proud, but with soft edges.

I’m a bit of an introvert when it comes to showing affection.  You’ll learn to notice my subtle ways – like when my ears go all soft as I saunter out to say hello.  I can tell you that one of my licks is very special!

Even though I say so myself, I am highly intuitive.  One of my humans was poorly and, when he came home from hospital, I was ever so gentle toward him, checking him each morning for about 2 weeks until he got better.

Little people and I get on well, although when they are very little and squeaky, I can be rather cautious so I take myself off away from them. It’s probably best if I go to live with children who are over 12 years old.  We quite often have lots of different teenage people around the house – I’m always friendly to them and greet them as if we’ve known each other forever.

And I love my food

Cor, yes I do!  I woof up a complete kibble of 80% meat, 20% fruit and veg, called Orijen.  For some reason, it takes me a while to get used to new food because I have a sensitive tummy.  Last time, it took me 4-6 weeks to move from one food to another.

What sand?

What sand?

I like to play

What I wouldn’t give for a kong!  I can spend hours trying to extract every morsel from it, especially if you put in my favourite treat – cheese! I’ll chase tennis balls too a few times before I go back to wandering about.

You can play tug with me, but because I’m a bit of a softy, I usually give up the battle because I know I’m stronger than you.

There’s nothing better than having a chew on a bone or bit of rawhide and then burying them somewhere. Later, I go back and move them somewhere else, just for the fun of it!

I can put up with being groomed for short periods, but the absolute bestest thing in the whole world is a belly rub.  I would let you rub my belly alllllllll day! I’ll even hug you so that you can get in the best position to do it.

I like to be clean in the house

I always make sure that I do my business outside cos there’s nothing more annoying than a nasty smell around the place.  Someone told me this is called “house-trained”.

I do not have worms or fleas or other nasties

They took me to that place that smells of other dogs and chemicals where a person wearing rubber gloves stuck a needle in me for something called “my own good”. This now means that I am protected against horrible diseases for a year – hurrah!  They also got me to eat quite a nice treat to prevent worms and sprinkled some smelly stuff on my neck that fleas don’t like.  March 14th 2014 was an eventful day!

My human says it’s also important for you to know that I have been spayed.

Lenka 8

Thank you for reading my post, love and licks from Lenka

So can I come home with you please?

If you can offer me a loving home, please go to the adoption page of the lovely RSDR people or email the UK Adoption Team at if you have any more questions.


  1. praying this beautiful girl gets the home she so deserves…..

    1. Thank you, Dru. No luck so far unfortunately…

  2. awww….miracles happen every day….praying that Lenka gets hers ❤

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