Increase in dumped dogs on the streets

Feeding street dogs on the way to the shelter this morning. We have noticed an increase in dumped dogs again recently. Two older dogs with collars and two younger ones have turned up over the last few weeks.

It is heartbreaking to see, and even more so because we cannot take them in. It won’t be long until winter sets in, and these two old boys desperately need shelter and the black & white female looks pregnant.

Update on Gracie

The news on Gracie is a little better. She is still poorly, but has stopped being sick. She is still on a drip for antibiotics and fluids and is being syringe fed as she isn’t eating. Her temperature has gone down and blood works show the infection is getting better. The vet is hoping to operate in a few days if she continues to improve.

For those asking to donate you can make a donation on our website at

Thank you so much.

Update on Blackie’s kittens

Blackie’s kittens are nearly seven weeks old now! Two little boys and a little female. They have been named Mojo, Jasper and Ebony.

Could you sponsor some of our beautiful dogs?

We have so many dogs and cats at the shelter who currently don’t have a sponsor.

Could you spare 10 euros a month to sponsor one of them? For more information regarding sponsors, please go to

Thank you to all our supporters xxx

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