An emergency arrives at the house

This poor little pup arrived as an emergency at the house this week. Her back leg was severely damaged, with several cuts infected with maggots. It was swollen and badly infected – and took hours of showering and flushing to try and get rid of the maggots. Diane named her Gracie.





Diane cleaned Gracie’s wounds before setting off to the Pro Vet Clinic in Plovdiv. Gracie was so content she fell asleep! When she got to the vets the x-rays showed no break, but her leg is very badly damaged and full of infection. The vet said there is no feeling in the leg and there is a 90% chance it will have to be amputated. She has to stay on antibiotics for three weeks to try and get rid of the infection and then a decision will be made. She didn’t have much appetite when she got home from the vets.

We took Gracie out in the garden, trying to keep her moving to avoid further muscle or circulation loss.


Update today on Gracie’s condition: We are sorry not to have been able to answer all the individual and separate questions about Gracie that you have sent but thank you everyone for caring about her….. she is not doing so well. Yesterday and today she has been very lethargic. Today she has made no attempt to eat anything, Diane has been trying to tempt her with different things. The smell from the infection in her leg is terrible, and the skin has totally separated in a ring around her leg where she was trapped and the wire dug in. She is on the antibiotics, Diane is bathing and soaking her leg regularly and has started putting her own cream on it which has been very effective in the past with skin granulation. The infection is very bad and she is a very poorly little girl. We are doing everything we can for her and hope she starts to pick up and get stronger.

Please keep her in your thoughts.


  1. Great blog , keep us updated on Gracie 💕

  2. Betty Pletcher · · Reply

    It is so sade what she is going through. See if the vet can give her liquid food maybe that woud help. You might try oatmeal. or a broth with peaces of ground hamburg cooked added to the broth. I know this is people food but sometimes dogs get interested in people food. You could try until she recovers. Good luck!

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