What has been happening at the shelter in August?


Tysan with Timo

We rescued Timo

We spotted this pup playing all alone at the side of a busy road leading into Rudozem.
He is friendly which usually means he is used to human contact and has probably been dumped. He was full of fleas and no doubt full of worms. He is now safely at the shelter, has been treated in the medical room, and has been named Timo.




Saying farewell to Olaf and Walter

Olaf Potters arrived and brought a van full of goodies with him from Holland!

We all know and love Olaf and it was so nice seeing him again, he always does so much when he visits. It was our first time meeting Walter and we hope he comes to see us again soon because he is such a great guy.

rsdr_willowWillow urgently needs a new home

Willow is a one-year-old, medium-sized female who was adopted in September 2016 and made the long trip to the UK. She has lived with her current adopter for almost a year, but after an incident where Willow growled at their five-year-old grandchild, we have been asked to re-home her as they cannot afford to seek help and guidance from a behaviourist.
Willow’s adopter describes her as a ‘friendly dog, quiet and obedient with a medium energy level’. Willow knows basic commands and is toilet trained. She is great off the lead in the park and plays with other dogs. She also happily lives with two kittens – sharing her bed!
We are looking for an active home with a family who will allow Willow to settle in her own time and help her build confidence with new people. She has been fine with her adopter’s 14-year-old grandchild so we would be happy for her to go to a home with respectful teenagers. Willow has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and comes with her own pet passport.
If you are interested in adopting Willow, please complete a questionnaire on our website http://www.streetdogrescue.com/adopt or email us at streetdogrescue@gmail.com


How does our sponsorship work?

You may have seen the pictures we post to our Facebook page of the dogs and cats who are not yet sponsored. People sometimes query what happens to donors’ money and how our sponsorship programme works.
The money donated by sponsors is used solely to meet the costs of the food we need to buy for the animals. With more than 200 rescued cats and dogs and 30-odd permanent residents, our food bill is pretty huge! Then there are also the many street cats and dogs in town that we try to support.
If you could sponsor (either half or full) one of our beautiful cats or dogs please visit the RSDR website and sign up.

Shelter Update – 5 September 2017

Since our last update RSDR has had to gather the information again that we gave the Eco office in the municipality. This was due to them breaking the memory stick, so we had to restart over with compiling all the information. This has now been reviewed and approved.
The project plans have been to the mayor’s office in Rudozem and in Elhovets, and they have signed and stamped their approval.
The information has been sent to the Regional Inspection of Environment and Water Agency (RIOS) where they reviewed all the information required and project plans are now on their way to the office in Sofia where they will then make a decision. We will be notified by letter in 2 weeks time if everything is okay. Hopefully we won’t have anything else to do and will get the date for the inspection at the shelter.
Since February 2017, when the new law was passed, we have completed driving and handling courses, had vehicles registered to transport any animal, built medical and food storage rooms, created an examination room and plastered/repainted the back of the shelter. We have had contracts created for medical waste, electric and water, local vet, disposing of dead animals and with the municipality for removal of rubbish to the landfill.
We have hired an architect to do the project plans for everything inside and outside the shelter that is required for the renovations. We organised a builder to be ready to start renovations inside shelter after adoption transports start again. The Eco office has finished their project with the enviroment for drainage etc. There are hundreds of little jobs that we had to do (far too many to mention), including going back and forth to officials in Smolian and Rudozem daily/weekly to find out information.
Now we just have to wait for the letter in the next few weeks to see what will happen next.
For previous updates on the shelter progress please go to www.youcaring.com/saveourshelter


  1. All of you there at the shelter do amazing work! The passion and love you have for these animals fill my heart with joy. I wish I lived there so I could volunteer and adopt one of your dogs.

    I look forward to your updates. Keep up your amazing work. I talk about you all the time to my friends and some family. I forward your stories to a person that loves animal deeply and passionately. She hopes to have her own rescue shelter some day. Even when she is on vacation, she manages to rescue animals. She is amazing. All animals just love her to death!

  2. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your kind words and for following our work. It is always wonderful to hear of people who share our passion for animal rescue.

  3. Do you send dogs to the United States for adoption?

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